"The game is over...this is the professional masterclass for anybody interested in attracting and seducing women.."

UPDATE: Only 5 FREE copies left! Offer ends

You need a straight wake-up call regarding how to meet and seduce women...

If you believe that attracting women involves any form of pick-up lines, comedy stories, bulging biceps or having to act cocky - then I'm sorry but you are completely clueless as to how the female mind works when it comes to attraction and seduction.

The truth of the matter is that with the right tools and psychological attraction techniques your arsenal, you can attract and seduce any woman at any time you please without having to resort to any lame pick-up lines...

Lines that women usually find more obvious and boring than attractive.

No matter how you look, what personality type you have or how much cash you have in the bank, if you've got the desire to meet and seduce stunning and beautiful women, I'm ready to show you the step-by-step methods for doing it.

You name them - fashion models, TV celebrities, music video dancers and even flight hostesses - I've spent nights with all of them after deploying my advanced psychological attraction techniques - and you will be able to as well..

YOU will be able to meet, seduce and take home any woman that you see on the street, glimpse at a party or notice in a restaurant.

YOU will be able to make that gorgeous girl in the shop your girlfriend or make that amazing woman sitting at the restaurant your lover - quickly, easily and without resistance.

This is not a "pick-up" guide or list of one-liners. This is not a series a fake conversations or videos designed to make seduction look easy.

This is the absolute advanced masterclass on female seduction and attraction psychology.

I take the proven laws that college psychology professors have been writing about and studying for decades and show you how to deploy them in real-life situations with women.

So who am I and how can I prove that you can be an ultimate master of seduction?

Keep reading and I'll tell you everything that you need to know...

Imagine Being Able To Manipulate And Control What And How A Woman Thinks About You

What if I told you that you'd never have to visit another "pick-up spot" (you know those sleazy places that usually have more guys than women!) or spend another night in a bar gazing at a gorgeous woman but never speaking to her...

What if I told you...

...I've cracked the psychological code so that women will be defenseless against your attraction techniques...


...that the advanced psychological techniques you'll use are incredibly easy to master thanks to my step-by-step methods...


...that any guy can use these techniques RIGHT NOW to meet and attract the most gorgeous and sophisticated women in the world...


...and that you'll learn psychological attraction techniques that will enable you to control and manipulate women...in any situation and at any time!

I don't care if you've never had a girlfriend...if you're fat...or if you're broke...

These techniques have been scientifically proven to work for absolutely any guy! As long as you have two legs and a mouth so that you can walk up a to a woman and talk to her - you can do it!

Let Me Tell You About Myself And How I Can Turbo-Charge Your Love Life

My name is Andrew Stevens and I am NOT some muscle-bound guy with naturally great looks.

I'm not a fighter pilot or a professional football player either.

The truth is that about ten years ago I was a struggling writer with a Masters degree in Human Psychology - and I was absolutely hopeless with women.

Try as I might, I just didn't have the courage or conversation skills to just walk up to a woman and start talking to her.

Even the rare girls at parties who came up and started talking to me would leave after a few minutes when the conversation started to dry up. Truth is, I was 25 years old and still a virgin....

"I spent more nights at home than my cat.."

Nevertheless, one of the first jobs I scored out of college was ghost-writing a series of "pick-up books" for one of the most famous pick-up artists in the world.

I'd love to tell you who it was (trust me, you'd know his name) but the contract agreement he made me sign prevents me doing so. He told me his ideas and my job was to change them into a marketable product.

After writing a whole series of books for him, I realized that what he was teaching was only based upon how he imagined women thought and not on any actual studies or research.

Furthermore, the feedback he was receiving (but never publishing) showed that his ideas didn't actually work for most people as they only suited certain personality types.

When I raised these issues with him, he ignored them completely and said that he didn't care as long he could "double his profits" and make more money.

After my contract with him finished, I decided to go out on my own and use what I had learned during my Masters in Human Psychology and apply it to the real world to try and master attracting women myself.

In my mind I knew that there were certain psychological rules in place and that these could be used to manipulate and control attraction.

After months of research and testing different psychological attraction techniques in different situations, I had formulated a methodology that was starting to have unbelievable results.

I continued refining and testing the techniques until they were working for me consistently and without fail.

The final week of research and testing occurred while I was working in New York and in a 7 day period I managed to attract and seduce 9 women back to my apartment. I'll leave it up to you to imagine how I fit nine women into seven days!

But I wasn't finished yet...

I taught my psychological attraction techniques to ten other guys and found another ten guys online who had studied under my previous "boss". I sold my car, emptied my bank account and paid for them all to fly out to New York where I ran a test where they'd all approach women using their techniques and we'd monitor the results.

The results were amazing..

The guys that used the techniques of my "Pick-Up Guru" boss managed to succeed with women 52.7% of the time.


The students using my advanced psychological attraction techniques succeeded with women a whopping 92.6% of the time!

It was at that point I knew that I truly had something special on my hands and that it was time to start helping out other guys who had been just like me...

Here Are My Real Life Success Stories

Here are two of my student's personal success stories that I'd like to share with you.

Their stories are their own words - I have only edited them slightly for spacing requirements. I know they sound too good to be true, but trust me, they're 100% real:

"After two weeks of studying and reading through the psychological techniques that you outlined, I decided that I was ready to put them into action...

I was at a birthday party for a sister of a friend of mine when I noticed this totally stunning girl in a black dress grabbing some food from the table outside. She was absolutely gorgeous and by far the best looking woman at the party - definitely a 10.

As she was on her own while getting the food - I knew it was the perfect time to approach her using your techniques.

Of course I was nervous at first, but I also knew that there was scientific research to back your techniques which gave me a lot of confidence.

I used the conversation manipulation techniques that you taught me and before I knew it, we were deeply engaged in a great conversation! Her name was Kristina and I managed to get her involved so much in what I was saying that she actually suggested we head inside to find somewhere quieter to continue the discussion - that's never happened to me before!

We spent the rest of the night talking and for the whole time I was in complete control of where the conversation went, when the flirting started and how it progressed.

As people started leaving the party I followed your advice and put your psychologial attraction techniques into full force. We ended up not only leaving the party together but have been dating since then!"   Matthew Eddington - Toronto, ON


"Amy was a girl who I used to work with before she changed jobs and left the company.

I'd always had a lot of fun working with her. We'd always exchanged a few laughs next to the photocopier and spent quite a few Friday afternoons together doing our best to avoid working without the boss seeing us.

She was pretty hot and I admit that I had quite a crush on her - but I knew deep down that she only saw me as a friend or coworker

When she left, I didn't really see her much any more but we still kept in contact through email and Facebook - and I could tell by her photos on there that she was still smokin' hot!

After learning from you about how the female mind works and how you can use psychology to manipulate it, I was able to send a few cleverly crafted emails and arranged to meet her for lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

With there no longer being the taboo of an "on the job relationship", I was able to employ your tactics without hesitation and was able to use the attraction association techniques you taught me to manipulate her into no longer seeing me as a friend - but as a sexual partner.

I'm too much of a gentleman to go into details, but let me just say that the Saturday afternoon lunch continued into Sunday morning breakfast with the most amazing night of my life right in the middle!"   Christian Barker -  Los Angeles, CA

Let me tell you - these stories are not rarities or special situations. I get emails like this every day from satisfied individuals who have studied my techniques and used them to get the girl of their dreams.

Whether you're after one night of fun or finally landing the girl of your dreams, when you use my psychological attraction techniques...

You will be in control.

There will be no more wondering whether a girl is interested or not because you will control her desires.

I've seen guys use my psychological attraction techniques to walk straight up to fashion models at parties (who they've never met before) and end up taking the model back to their apartment...and I've also seen a countless numbers of guys end up getting married after using these techniques.

No matter what girl you're after, you'll be able to choose exactly what you want from her. This is the success that I promise.

Here's How You WILL Achieve This Success

Let Me Present To You...

I've put the finishing touches on my revolutionary system that teaches you how any guy can meet, attract and seduce absolutely any woman at any time.

I don't care if the woman is an absolute supermodel or not - with my psychological attraction techniques, I guarantee you will be able to bring her home tonight and have her desiring you more than you can ever imagine.

You'll be able to seduce any woman without almost any effort on your part and do it with a higher success rate than you've ever experienced before.

You'll be using advanced psychological attraction techniques usually reserved for college textbooks and academic journals to manipulate and control any female that you meet. So much so that...

Women have tried to ban me from teaching these techniques

I have had hate mail, angry phone calls and even television interviews about my techniques. College professors have called using these techniques unethical and have petitioned to have me banned from teaching them.

I take it all as proof that what I'm teaching will actually help you.

This is no "game" - this is the Masterclass of seduction.

Introducing the most revolutionary psychological attraction course on the planet...

The Seduction Chronicles course is run over 7-weeks and is absolutely stacked with the ultimate in psychological attraction and seduction methodology.

Here's just some of what you'll learn in the course...

MindSlam: How you can immediately start and continue a conversation with a woman that will hook her forever (and she'll probably tell her friends about it!)


The 7 mind tricks that manipulate a woman into thinking that you're the most desirable partner that she has ever met - regardless of how you look or how much money you have in the bank


How you can identify and destroy the secret mental obstacles all women place between you and a night with her


Passion Engineering: How you can get inside a woman's mind and manipulate her into thinking what you want her to think (Hypnotists have tried to ban me from teaching this!)


The secret art of Time Shifting - how you can make a woman think that you're already her partner (You won't believe the effect this has!)


End Power Methodology - How you can get her back to your place and have her begging to see you again


The extreme mistake that 97.6% of guys do that turns a woman off instantly!


And much...much more!

You'll even get the amazing detailed story of how I seduced one of Hollywood's biggest female celebrities - and you won't believe how I did it!

Unlike other seduction courses out there, you won't be reading lame pick-up lines or fake conversations that you can never mimic in real life.

As I'm sure you already know - they just don't work.

You'll get techniques and strategies that you can easily personalize and customize to your own style so that everything will appear to be natural and flowing.

I'll even go so far as to show you exactly how to personalize and customize them to your personality type!

The Seduction Chronicles course is not a "one off" downloadable e-book.

Instead, the course is delivered over 7 weeks so that you've got enough time to digest and learn what I teach you.

You'll also have the chance to ask me direct questions after each lesson to ensure that you're on the right track and understand everything completely - Yes, I'll give you unlimited free direct access to me to do this.

You won't find this level of personalization anywhere else!

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With direct access to me, you can ask me any questions you like at any stage of the course - I'll answer them and guide you every step of the way.

You'll also get access to my list of previously asked questions so that you can learn from the experiences of other people just like you.



My Handwritten Notes Detailing How I Seduced Nine Girls In One Week

That's right, when you join the Seduction Chronicles course, you'll also get my handwritten notes detailing exactly how I seduced nine girls in one week.

You'll get the details of exactly:

  • What type of places I met them

  • How I approached them

  • What techniques I used to seduce them

  • How I used advanced attraction psychology to manipulate their thoughts

This is my handwritten diary for the week and has stacks of pages containing extensive detail on every single girl and how I seduced her.

I've had to black out their names and some of the phone numbers that I wrote down in the notes, but otherwise it's an exact chronicle of one the most amazing week's of my life that you'll be able to replicate!





Exclusive FREE Entry Into The Diamond Seduction Club

Once you've completed the course, you'll also gain immediate access into my exclusive Diamond Seduction Club where I divulge in extensive detail my continuing successes with women.

You'll also get access to exclusive programs and techniques that you won't find anywhere else.

In the club I teach the methods are just too powerful for beginners but have the absolute highest success rates possible.

Some of these techniques have been used by government intelligence services and are known together as the "black art" of psychology.

You'll also be able to access amazing offers that you can't get elsewhere on exclusive seminars, clothing deals and even free concert tickets.

For obvious reasons, companies want people who have done my course at their events and wearing their clothes!

This Club is literally everything that you will ever need to get any girl that you desire.

There's usually a $67 entry cost for joining the club, but you'll get FREE entry after completing the Seduction Chronicles course.


But OK Andrew, What If It Doesn't Work?

Over 1,500 students have already been through the course and not one of them failed in seducing at least one woman - ANY GUY WILL SUCCEED!

The course has been taken by college students, doctors, factory workers, lawyers, software engineers and even the unemployed. Not a single one of them has ever failed to succeed with at least one woman.

But I want you to still feel comfortable and confident in the course when you order it which is why...

"Your Purchase Comes With A 100%, 60 Day, Rock Solid, Money Back Guarantee!"

That's right - if you aren't able to use my psychological strategies to seduce any woman at any time or just aren't happy with the course - I'll give you a full 100% unconditional refund.

I'm willing to give you this guarantee because I know that you'll be 100% satisfied with the course.

If it takes the guarantee to convince you that now is the time to start improving your life - then so be it. I'm prepared to offer this to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with the Seduction Chronicles course.

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Let's do it. I want to start your Seduction Chronicles course right now and learn exactly how to meet and attract women successfully.

How much is this going to cost me?"

First of all, let me tell you that most of the "Pick-Up Gurus" out there will charge $1,000-$1,500 to attend one of their seminars.

Even to talk to them personally for an hour is going to cost you above $1,000. And I'm giving you unlimited direct access to me for FREE.

Even just downloading an e-book from one of the other guys out there is going to set you back at least $90 and even then you just get the book and are then forgotten about. My Seduction Chronicles course guides and helps you at every step of the way to ensure your success.

I've decided that the best way to reach out and help you is to let you into the Seduction Chronicles course for FREE! All you have to do is pay the $4.95 processing fee for me to send it to you.

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Just a $4.95 processing fee in exchange for the advanced psychological attraction techniques that will enable you to meet, attract and seduce any woman that you desire.

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Even if the Seduction Chronicles course helps you seduce just one woman - it will still be more than worth it. But I'm confident that there will be a lot more than one woman!

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I can't wait to start teaching you. Once you've joined the course, send me an email and introduce yourself.

Professional Author and Master of Attraction Psychology


"This is revolutionary material..."

"I've read all of the usual pickup artist stuff - David D'Angelo, Mystery, Attraction Formula and more...

But WOW! Your program completely changed how I approach women. Instead of going up to them with lame comedy routines or acting all "cool" I was able to act naturally and literally hypnotize them with my language and body gestures. Last week I had a woman I'd just met try and undress me in the bar! I used to think that was impossible!"

- Donald Taylor - NY, NY

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"Thanks to the Seduction Chronicles course my life has changed forever. I used to have absolutely no luck with women whatsoever and I was starting to wonder whether I'd ever find a girlfriend.

After completing the course, I was able to approach women in a whole new way. One night at a friend's party I used your methods on the most gorgeous girl there and three months later we got engaged!! I've never been happier!"

- Derek Carter - San Francisco, CA

"I had no idea how simple it was to tap into a woman's desires and literally control how they thought about you"

"I'd read a lot of books on picking up women but I never had any success with them. I could never copy the conversations the way books described them and I always felt unnatural. As a 35 year-old single guy, your course was pretty much my last hope...

It turned my life around completely! After just three weeks into the Seduction Chronicles course I knew that I had been approaching women in the completely wrong manner. I had no idea how simple it was to tap a woman's desires and literally control how they thought about you. Now my weekends are booked with dates for the next three months! I can't thank you enough!"

 - Michael Chang - Alberta, CA


"I've always been skeptical about books that promised to help you seduce women. Your book breaks the mold. Get off your @#$! and discover what the Seduction Chronicles can teach you. This is ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT!"

 - Mark Dickson - Waikiki, Hawaii

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Are you ready to take a positive step towards improving your life and becoming a master of attraction psychology?
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